Mark offers the following services:

“Mark is particularly good with young or difficult horses” - Yogi Breisner, FBHS

Confidence Clinics

Confidence is the common ingredient to all solutions and Mark is expert at being able to instill such confidence in humans so as to make them the leader of the equine instead of the instigator of fear.

Whether you want to be able to enjoy your equine friend at the most basic level or have the drive to be European champion, like Yaz Ingham, Mark can enable you to do things that you did not think possible and to achieve your goals.

Hold Your Horses Clinics

Mark's highly successful Hold Your Horses Clinics aim to train the rider and horse in the complex skill of travelling cross country in harmony and to show the rider how, by correct use of bodyweight and legs, it is possible to show a strong puller that this is not what the rider requires.
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Arena Cross Country Clinics

Mark's Arena Cross Country Clinics aim to increase the safety of those taking part in the potentially dangerous sport of eventing by allowing horse and rider to jump the types of fences not seen before in the safety of a menage environment.
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Jumping Problems

Mark's methods are to train the horse to do the jumping and to train the rider to allow them.

His methods are very simple and effective for amateurs and the less than perfect rider.


Mark's methods are to train the horse to jump without the hindrance of a rider and only when jumping confidently to add the encumbrance!


Mark's methods are to enable the horse to realise that there is nothing to fear - after all, a horse would have needed access to the watering hole in the wild.


Mark's methods are to accept that it is completely unnatural for an animal that relies on flight to survive to enter a very tightly constricted space, from which there is no obvious escape. Horses can overcome this natural aversion through repetition.


Mark's methods are to work alone with the horse to show him that he has nothing to fear from the clippers. Clipping doesn't actually hurt the horse - unless carried out by a frightened human!

Riding Dressage Tests

Mark's methods are to work through the test with the rider looking at it through the judge's eyes, pointing out what the judge will interpret from all the little things that the rider thinks unimportant.

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