Mark will provide a bitless trials day. The format is usually one to one for an hour. Mark will have a number of different bitless bridles for you to try and compare one with another. He will watch you ride in your existing bridle and he will then show you how to fit the bitless alternative of your choice, AND if you wish so he will demonstrate it by riding your horse for you in the bitless bridle. He understands what a leap of faith it takes for most people to try bitless. When you have watched you will then climb aboard with a far easer mindset.


  1. Having compared several different types you will have decided which you feel happiest in. In the ideal world this introduction takes plan in an indoor, enclosed environment.
  2. Next step is to move into the larger outdoor school
  3. Next the Show Jumping paddock, with or without jumps
  4. Finally the big open field

These steps are ideal and are all available at a clinic at Grove Farm. Clinics elsewhere will vary according to the facilities.

If you organise a clinic for more than 4 riders through your riding club, pony club or yard Mark will do a 30 minute demo prior to the first student.

  • Charge for the demo will be included in the cost of the bitless training sessions which will be £40 per hour
  • The demo may be available without a clinic negotation
  • There will be NO travelling charge for a clinic within 50 mile round trip from OX136AD
  • There will be NO travelling charge for a clinic with more than 6 people