Clinics can be arranged at any venue where they have adequate facilities.

Arena xc clinics can be arranged at any venue with a good surface and mark can bring his range of fully insured cross country fences, including triple brush, corners , brush tops etc.  and the unique adjustable hedge!! Size range from 60 cm’s to 1.10.

These arena xc clinics also take place at grove farm, OX136AD. See forthcoming event page.

Mark is very aware of the safety factors in all clinics and whilst accepting that riding is a risk sport therefore he has developed techniques to reduce the risks to the absolute minimum.

He is very aware of the particularly high level of risk involved when an inexperienced rider is coupled with an inexperienced horse.  in this case the one to one session is invariably necessary, in order to promote both horse and rider confidence.

Invariably riders find themselves inspired by the simplicity of the procedure (which they can then replicate) and have that horrible feeling of dread replaced by one of elation.  after all it is meant to be fun!

Mark’s mehods are very much designed to make it fun for the pony … and if the pony finds it fun … so does the rider!!!

The clinic is designed to be appropriate, relevant and helpful to:

  • Riders of all levels from 50cm upwards, to include riding clubs, pony clubs and yard groups
  • For venues/clubs/yard groups that do all the organising, booking and provide all facilities – £40 per hour.  Travel charge of 25p a mile from OX136AD (round trip), will apply if less than 5 hours. Organisers determine length of session and numbers.
  • For venues/clubs/yard groups where I provide the jumps and they do the rest.  £40 per hour. Travel costs of 50p a mile from OX136AD (round trip) will apply. Organisers determine length of session and numbers.
  • Private sessions by negation
  • Sessions at outside venues will incur additional facility charges levied by the venue